Our Story

Created with unconditional love for our pets.

Paws + Purpose was inspired by our dog, Emmi. The love and happiness that Emmi brings into our home is what motivated us to help homeless pets find families of their own.




An entrepreneur by purpose.

Hi, I’m Jaclyn!

I created Paws + Purpose after witnessing firsthand how much animal rescue shelters depend on fundraising to keep their doors open. I’ve been fortunate enough to grow up surrounded by the unconditional love of pets and have dedicated my time to volunteering at animal shelters. It was during my time at these rescue shelters that I realized just how essential donations are for these organizations to continue supporting animals.

Dogs and cats complete our lives with love and loyalty - they all deserve a happy place to call home. This belief soon became our mission - to create a company dedicated to helping animals, one Paws + Purpose product at a time.

From our family to yours,

Jaclyn Eglit



Our Commitment

We stand for quality and integrity.

Each and every one of our pet products are made with honesty and care for our pets and our planet.

Over the years, we’ve actively been involved in supporting animal rescue shelters and fundraising initiatives, but in 2020 we finally decided to take action. Paws + Purpose was born out of the pure intention to directly support sheltered animals and provide funding to organizations in need. Through our eco-friendly pet products, we strive to personally have a hand in making our pets happier, our planet cleaner, and our communities stronger.








The statistics show that it’s time to take action. We believe that pets are the heart of every home, so we’re partnering with local rescue missions to make sure all pets have one. With every purchase, we dedicate 10% of our profits to local and international rescue organizations to ensure more of our furry friends are happy and safely sheltered. More importantly, we believe in transparency and pride ourselves in openly sharing our achievements with each and every one of you.



From day one, we’ve tried our very best to make decisions that our customers could be proud of. Each one of our sustainable pet accessories is created with the health and safety of your pet in mind, while looking after our environment at the same time. We continue to make an effort to source eco-friendly fabrics and materials that are organic, fair trade, recycled, and chemical-free to protect our beautiful planet. At the end of the day, doing the right thing is what makes us happy.