The Importance of Giving Back to Animal Shelters and How To Help

The Importance of Giving Back to Animal Shelters and How To Help

Animal shelters and rescue centers play a key role in our communities by reuniting pets with their owners, sheltering those in need, and finding new homes for animals who are lost and homeless. Despite all of the hard work these organizations do, many of them still lack the funds and resources they need to care for these loving animals – and they appreciate nothing more than our help. If you’re just as passionate about the pets in your community, here are some ways you can support these organizations to improve the lives of homeless animals and pets in need. 


Make a charitable donation

Animal shelters rely heavily on donations in order to keep their doors open and provide a safe place for pets to stay. Donating money is quick, simple and allows these organizations to use the funds to nurture rescue animals, get them immediate veterinary care, and run campaigns to find them happy and healthy homes. You could also contact your local animal shelter and find out the exact supplies they need. Pet beds, dog toys, durable leashes, food, and cleaning supplies are among the many items that animal shelters use on a daily basis which are often in short supply. 

Volunteer your time 

Many animal shelters and rescue centers rely on volunteers to lend a helping hand and provide necessary care for sick, injured, and homeless animals. For example, you could volunteer a few hours a week to walk and play with the dogs, clean the kennels, help with feeding, attend adoption events, and even provide administrative support such as answering the phones, managing their website and social media, and distributing mail campaigns. No task is too small when it comes to supporting these centers and every effort goes a long way.


Adopt a pet 

Each year, nearly 347,000 cats and dogs are euthanized in the United States, simply because too many pets come into shelters and not enough people consider adoption as their first choice. If you’ve been thinking about growing your family and welcoming a pet into your home, consider adopting from a local shelter or rescue center first. By making this loving choice, you’ll save the life of a pet in need and open up shelter space for another animal who may need care. 

Giving back to animal shelters is not only a great way to support your community and those who work so hard to keep our animals safe, but it’s also an excellent way to nurture your own mental health. Being around pets and experiencing the genuine, unconditional love they give is a wonderful feeling – for both you and your furry friends. At Paws + Purpose, we know first-hand just how much our help matters. That’s why we make it our mission to directly fund animal shelters across the United States by donating a portion of our sales to provide adequate medical support, pet products, and food supplies. 


To learn more about how we support sheltered animals and protect our planet at the same time, visit our Why We Give page.

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